You make really good points. So far, I’ve published novels with small, independent publishers, and I would have starved long ago if it weren’t for my other sources of income.

I’ve really enjoyed writing for Medium so far, and it does pay very well. My struggle is trying to divide my time and energy between writing that builds a following and my novel writing. Last month, I wrote a lot for Medium (and got paid well), but my novel writing suffered. This month, the opposite is true. I wish I could figure out a better balance.

I do think the real problem is people wanting stuff for free or at least very cheap. This is true of food and clothing as well as art. But cheap food and clothing hurt the environment, our economic system, and individuals all over the world. The only answer seems to me to be helping people shift into a state of being willing to pay a fair price for things they (claim to) value.

Thanks for a thought-provoking article!

Novelist, foodie, francophile. Top Writer in Books. My Patronus is our corgi, Moneypenny.

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